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Are you keeping up with those resolutions to work out more? Or already fudging on them a little? Either way, here’s a little extra motivation for you. What’s more, it’s a workout that’s fun because you’re hula hooping! I love hula hooping as a workout because not only does it burn calories, improve balance, and […]

I’ve recently come under some criticism for my recent Indiegogo campaign, Hoops for Haiti. It seems a perfectly legitimate argument: why spend money and devote efforts elsewhere when there are people in our own country hurting and wanting, especially this time of year? It’s a criticism I do not take offense to, however I remain […]

I was having a disappointing night Friday at Weinfest in Altus, AR. The festival was great, located at Wiederkehr Village right on the vineyard, but the rainy weather and cold snap kept the attendees away and us vendors hiding away in our vehicles, keeping an eye on our storm-beaten booths. The storm didn’t seem like […]