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My Hula Hoop Costume Contest last Halloween was such a success I’m excited to announce it again this year! I loved seeing the creativity in all the costumes and I have a brand new polypro hoop design to give away. This year I’m giving away my new pumpkin spice polypro hoop to the person who designs and wears […]

Are you keeping up with those resolutions to work out more? Or already fudging on them a little? Either way, here’s a little extra motivation for you. What’s more, it’s a workout that’s fun because you’re hula hooping! I love hula hooping as a workout because not only does it burn calories, improve balance, and […]

I’ve recently come under some criticism for my recent Indiegogo campaign, Hoops for Haiti. It seems a perfectly legitimate argument: why spend money and devote efforts elsewhere when there are people in our own country hurting and wanting, especially this time of year? It’s a criticism I do not take offense to, however I remain […]